Monday, October 9, 2017

Gilbert Doctorow — A Deaf Ear to Dire Russian Warnings

Kiselyov asked why is this American behavior happening and whether President Trump made this decision. But the question is rhetorical. Though it may seem “amazing,” Kiselyov suggested that it appears Trump was not a party to this behavior, that it more likely resulted from what the TV host called sloppy management when the military gets out from under political control.
On the territory of Syria, Kiselyov said, “they start wandering around quite on their own” and “flirting” with the terrorist groups.
Throughout the six-year war, the United States and its allies – including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Jordan and Israel – have provided support for Islamist militants and other rebels who have fought in close coordination with and often shared sophisticated U.S. weapons with Al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate, Nusra Front, and at times Al Qaeda’s spinoff, the Islamic State.
However, whatever the U.S. intentions may be, said Kiselyov, the result is extremely unpleasant both for Russia and for the American….
Obama lost control of the military and Trump never had it, since he turned military policy over to the generals out of the box.

This is a reason that the Russian leadership view the American leadership as incapable of making an agreement and abiding by it. In short, America's word isn't worth a kopeck.

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Gilbert Doctorow | European Coordinator of The American Committee for East West Accord Ltd.

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Noah Way said...

"Obama lost control of the military"

Obama never had control of the military. Nor has any president since maybe FDR.