Monday, October 16, 2017

Jason Goodman: Sunday With Charles - Yes, Mr. President?

I've been fascinated by Jason Goodman's YouTube videos for few days now since I came across him last week. He's a conservative who supports Trump and he has these broadcasts with interesting people on the right who are really sick of the neoliberal order, the Deep State, the CIA, the MSM, and all the creatures in the swamp, left and right. In this video Jason Goodman talks to Charles Ortel and Stuart Dean of about the Clinton Foundation. It's a real insight into the inner workings of Washington and the Deep State. These videos can be a bit slow and I'm sure a lot of people won't make it to the end, but to me it's like a fly on the wall look at the One Percent. These guys know the inner workings of it all.


Unknown said...


What makes you think that Jason Goodman is a conservative. Quite the contrary. Both he and George Webb are progressive Bernie Sanders supporters, who were totally disgusted withe the DNC and Clinton surrogate actions in the Democratic primaries. That is what drives them.

Richard McGee said...

I was going to post a scathing comment about Trump supporters who believe he is not completely on the side of the 1%. But reading comment by Unknown, I'll give these videos a look-see.

Kaivey said...

Brilliant, unknown. I just assumed he was conservative. There's another really good one where they go to see Hilary signing her new book and Jason is surrounded by conservatives. And another one where he interviews an anonymous CIA who says he would put the neocons and their lackeys like Hilary on trail for treason and then publically hang them, when Jason says that's a bit strong, the CIA agent then says he would televise it. I thought these guys are tough. But if Jason is a Bernie supporter, that's superb.