Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Kenny Hodgart — Turkish market crumbles as Erdogan overreaches

This portends to have wide-reaching ramifications. Turkey is already on the outs with Germany, and now the US. 

Is Turkey long for NATO? 

It's fairly certain that Erdogan blames US covert operations for the coup attempted against him.

Asia Times
Turkish market crumbles as Erdogan overreaches
Kenny Hodgart


Matt Franko said...

"Turkish companies have nearly US$300 billion in loans denominated in foreign currency, according to central bank data, equal to about a third of total GDP. The interest burden on these loans rises as the value of the Turkish currency falls. Turkish inflation already is running in double digits."

USD zombies....

Noah Way said...

Watch for Turkey - Russia relations to continue to improve, and for more CIA action designed to drive them apart.