Sunday, October 8, 2017

Maura Reynolds — How to tame Putin

You can't make this stuff up.

If this is not snark, then the West is in for an ass-whipping, administered by themselves.

If true, the entire West has caught the Hillary Clinton syndrome. They simply cannot see that their major problems are of their own creation. Deep in denial.
Maura Reynolds

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The first communist revolution had almost as many consequences for the rest of the world as it did for Russia itself. Its demise has brought about another type of universalism: capitalist globalisation.
Universalisms are utopian and bound to fail owing to flawed assumptions of superiority that generate cognitive-affective bias.

Le monde diplomatique | English Edition
The century of revolution
Serge Halimi

The emergence of a Russian-Iranian-Turkish triangle is the new reality. The Western hegemony in the MENA region has ended, and not in a shy way, but with a long list of military conflicts and destabilization.

The first visit of a Saudi king to Russia shows the growing power of Russia in the Middle East. It also shows that not only Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE, but also Egypt and Libya, are more likely to consider Moscow as a strategic ally.
No, Vladimir Putin didn't do this to the US and West. They blew it all by themselves and set themselves up for this.

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Is This The Geopolitical Shift Of The Century?
Cyril Widdershoven


Kaivey said...

“My nightmare ... is just the concern that the new [U.S.] presidential administration will undo a lot of the work that we did over the past 50 years.”

What work? The bankers paradise, the end of the Western middle class, mcjobs for the people, zero hours, trillions in offshore tax havens.

Russia is not winning the propaganda war, it only has to mirror back a few obvious truths through its liberal, center-left news outlets. Only with the West's total control of the media is it able to keep these truths away from the public.

The ME is turning towards Putin despite Washington's war machine and destruction of the ME. A large percentage of American people voted for Trump to improve relations with Russia, don't these officials realise that this is the democracy they say they defend. Despite the democracy they kept destroying in Haiti and other countries.

This makes me laugh: They say Putin is winning the cyber war, that Russia was light-years in advance. Ha ha, but isn't it silicon valley that is the miracle of our time, one of the few things keeping the American economy afloat despite its destruction of its traditional industries. Aren't were always told about how the US leads the world in software and computer design. And we saw in a recent article I posted about how the US spends billions on cyber hacking every year and has thousands of people working in hundreds of sites, but Russia, with an economy only slightly bigger than Italy's, is light-years in advance of the US. Maybe Russian software designers ought to design for us a (Z)indows 10, an operating system that actually works without millions of bugs.

The US had torn the ME to smithereens, and all Putin did was win a war in Syria against the US backed Deash and Isis and now the Saudi's are warming towards Russia with the US-Israeli dream of wrecking Iran now drifting into the horizon.

Matt Franko said...


Female writing here and her Politico article has imbedded video from the Farkas woman ... Hillary (female) on TV recently complaining about Putin 'man spreading' ... Susan Rice female ... Samantha Power female...

All this "Russia!" stuff might be some sort of a female (gender?) thing at core...

Noah Way said...

Politico is just another megaphone for the shadow government / deep state.

Tom Hickey said...

All this "Russia!" stuff might be some sort of a female (gender?) thing at core...

That's part of it, at least. HRC and her people (including men) cooked it up and then others with an interest jumped on the bandwagon.