Saturday, October 14, 2017

Pepe Escobar — The Spanish Civil War, revisited

Backgrounder on Spain and Catalonia.
The intractability of the political problem is that Catalonia – the most European of all Spanish regions and historically in favor of republicanism and federalism – contests the very essence of the Spanish system. To scrap this outdated constitution – written immediately after Franco’s demise and drenched in amnesty for Franco-ists – is as important as self-determination. To say that the Bourbons face a legitimacy crisis is a major understatement.
Madrid’s actions on Referendum Repression Day – led by a Franco-ist partisan of torture, infamous General Bum-Bum – could not but revive the memory of Catalonia as the key anarchist/republican hub during the Spanish Civil War; the Civil Guard in itself represents the memory of Francoism. It’s understandable how separatists prefer to discard the historic/ financial heavy load when they see the impossibility of a true modernization of Spain.
Asia Times
The Spanish Civil War, revisited
Pepe Escobar


MRW said...

General Bum-Bum ???

Tom Hickey said...

Refers to Colonel of the Civil Guard Diego Pérez de los Cobos, the guy Rajoy put in charge of the police sent to suppress the referendum.

Click on the link for the article. It's in Spanish.

Ignacio said...
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