Friday, October 6, 2017

Richie Allen: Tony Gosling On Las Vegas Shooting, Catalan Referendum Violence, Edward Heath & More.

This is a very interesting interview covering many topics although they get a bit absurd when  suggesting that there may be a link between the Las Vegas Shooting and the Catalan Referendum. 

At one point in the interview Richie Allen and Tony Gosling talk about how the company KPMK audited HBOS accounts and put £48 billion in the wrong column which made HBOS look like a viable company when it was sold off when it was actually a basket case. British justice took ten years to make a decision and then let them off saying it is not unusual for big auditing companies to make these sorts of mistakes but most of the people on the investigating committee were ex KMPK employees Hmm!

Also, the Conservative Party in 2010 organised a loan to a failing company called IPGL through HSBC through a guy called Micheal Spencer to fund the Conservative Party which is a massive scandal which should have brought the financial system down to its knees according to Richie Allen,  but was mainly ignored by the MSM. 

They also talk about how Google alters our searches so we don't find progressive sites so easily.

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