Friday, October 6, 2017

Xinhua — "A community of shared future for mankind" in the making

China aims at replacing the US in soft power by providing a superior vision of the future of humanity.
The phrase "building a community of shared future for humanity," was written into the report of the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012. Five years on, the term is a now concrete plan with a clear direction and widespread approval.
Multi-polarity, globalization, cultural diversity, interdependence, scientific and industrial revolution have emerged as the key descriptors of the world.
At the same time, the people of the world find themselves in an era of multifarious challenges: global growth is lethargic and listless, the impact of the last financial crisis lingers like a cloud on the horizon, climate is changing in unforeseeable ways, the development gap yawns. The Cold War mentality and power politics still exist. Terrorism and refugee crises are spreading.
Against such a backdrop, the open, inclusive, clean world of lasting peace, common security and prosperity that President Xi Jinping envisages is a beacon to all who believe that a shared future is the only future.
What has the politics of confrontation and petty alliances given the world? The time has come for countries to form partnerships based on understanding, dialogue and respect.
Until major powers respect each other's core interests and major concerns, until they learn to keep their differences under control, they will be unable to build a new model of relations featuring cooperation instead of confrontation, respect before rivalry and win-win above acquisitiveness.
None of this can come to pass, as Xi told the world in January from Geneva, until "big countries treat smaller ones as equals instead of acting as a hegemon imposing their will on others."
Common, comprehensive, cooperative, sustainable security have been Xi's mantra for five years now....
Peace, development, partnership and multilateralism -- the community of shared future for humanity, tended and nourished by President Xi over the past five years -- will continue to be the guiding light….
"Community of shared future for humanity" versus "freedom and democracy."

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