Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Caleb Maupin — Russia, China & The White House: A Study in Bonapartism

When one section of the rich violently suppresses others, and takes dramatic action at the expense of other capitalists, this is what Marxists call “Bonapartism.”...

Not Napoleon but Louis and The Party of Order.
In recent American history, the key issue of division among America’s ruling elite has been how to combat the rise of Russia and China as competitors on the global stage. The rise of the Eurasian superpowers is something the billionaire monopolists who run the USA find intolerable. But what can be done about it? On this point, the powers that be often disagree, and clash with each other....
If Trump is unable to resolve the crisis, other Bonapartist figures will undoubtedly emerge. If Trump cannot be the savior American capitalism longs for, infighting among the ruling elite is likely to become even more complex.
Russia, China & The White House: A Study in Bonapartism
Caleb Maupin

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