Thursday, December 7, 2017

Dennis J Bernstein — Russia-gate’s Reach into Journalism

The investigation to somehow blame Russia for Donald Trump’s election has now merged with another establishment goal of isolating and intimidating whistleblowers and other dissidents, as Dennis J Bernstein describes.

Narrative control is essential to elite control in a representative democracy.
Dennis J Bernstein, a host of “Flashpoints” on Pacifica

A smear campaign targeting Seder accused him of joking about rape in a satirical tweet from 2009.
MSNBC won’t cut ties to Sam Seder after all: succumbing to alt-right outrage was a “mistake”
Aja Romano


Business Insider
Wikileaks faces U.S. probes into its 2016 election role and CIA leaks: sources

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Matt Franko said...

Seder and Cernovich are both douchebags....