Thursday, January 18, 2018

Alexander Dugin — Globalisation and its Enemies

This is a longish and heavily intellectual analysis in the dialectical mode. However, it is a significant strand in thinking about geopolitics and geostrategy from a long term historical perspective and from a particular point of view.

Worth a look if you are into this sort of thing and think Dugin has something to say.

It's not necessary to agree with people to make them worth reading. A lot of people that one may not agree with exert an influence.

Dugin's influence over Putin is greatly exaggerated and even he says that it is nonexistent since his views and Putin's are quite different, Dugin being a Russian nationalist and Putin being a centrist in governing that personally leans liberal.

Globalisation and its Enemies
Main factors in the development of global processes: results and prognoses
Alexander Dugin

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