Sunday, January 7, 2018

Tapper cuts off Trump adviser interview: I've wasted enough of my viewers' time

This interview put me in a strange position as I'm not a conservative and I don't like much of Trump's policies, but at the same time I know the MSM hates Trump and has been portraying him as incompetent and unintelligent because their prefered candidate did not win. I'm English but I wanted Trump to get in because he said a lot of good things about draining the swamp and I felt that Hilary might start WW3. Yes, Trump was bad, but Hilary was far worse.

I have been following the independent news and getting the truth about Trump and how he really does want better relations with Russia which the MSM hates him for. If you read Tom's article today, the Moon of Alabama — Trump Offloads Foreign Policy Problems - Lets EU Grow A Spine, it might be possible that Trump is outsmarting his whole administration and trying to do what he said he would do. 

As I have the opposite opinion to the MSM but although I'm not a conservative I was moved by Stephen Miller's defence of Trump which I felt was sincere. In fact, he gets very upset in the interview and criticises CNN for spreading fake news. I didn't think he was just trying to defend Trump because that is what he is paid to do, he seemed to be genuine in trying to get what he thinks is the truth out to the audience although Jack Tapper wouldn't let him. See what you think? 

After reading the Moon of Alabama article today it's kind of got my hopes up again that Trump could be trying to put things right, but Patrick Armstrong and Andrew Korybko might be as wishful thinking as me. 



Noah Way said...

It's not MSM, its corporate media. Terminology is important. It's also important to understand that corporate media is not providing a public service, they are profit-oriented and will do pretty much anything to increase profits. Read George Seldes. This has been going on forever, the only difference is the consolidation and effective monopolization of media.

Kaivey said...

Thanks. That's right, it's corporate media.