Monday, February 5, 2018

Jack Peat — Some of the best healthcare systems in the World are publicly funded, the NHS just isn’t one of them

Donald Trump today used the NHS as a reason not to push for Universal Health Care in the US.
The President pointed to demonstrations yesterday in the UK with thousands of Brits taking to the streets to protest the poorly run system.
But even though Trump might have a point about the UK, he doesn’t have a leg to stand on in regards to publicly funded health care systems.

Indeed, many people have pointed out that some of the best healthcare systems in the World are publicly funded....
The London Economic
Some of the best healthcare systems in the World are publicly funded, the NHS just isn’t one of them
Jack Peat


Unknown said...

I don't believe he is correct on the NHS, as the NHS has been systematically gutted as consequence of the post 2008 austerity. See If the NHS is in crisis, why is public satisfaction so high?

While the NHS is currently going through a difficult period, in which a lack of funding has led to targets being missed and deficits, I take this year’s results as a clear signal that the public has high regard for a publicly funded, comprehensive NHS and most people living in Great Britain remain happy with the service. This is an important message to policy-makers thinking about how the service might change in the future.

Ralph Musgrave said...

NHS isn't one of the best systems? That's contradicted by this recent study which put the NHS top of the list:

Neil Wilson said...

Click bait headline attached to a twitter scrape article.

Kaivey said...

The waiting lists to see a consultant are very long now. It needs more funding, but we are grateful for it.

John said...

I really am waiting for a significant figure in any political party to tell this lying piece of shit to stick to his clinically insane thoughts about Ivanka: "Trump is thankfully moderating and is more cautious with his language and thoughts. Usually we are bombarded with him wanting to fuck his own daughter. As unusual as it is may seem, Trump criticising the best health service in the world is a welcome change. If he so wishes, our mental health specialists would be happy to help him with his very many issues. Sick fucks like him need our compassion and our help. Failing that, castration is also available."

lastgreek said...

The "POS" in the WH is a grifter/conman. If they are not stopped, in time they will screw your elderly parents. How do I know? Because my elderly parents got screwed not too long ago by such a POS. So I got no problem with such POS of human beings having the living daylights knocked out of them ... literally!

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