Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Mother whose son, four, died from a brain tumour is amazed to be followed around his grave by a robin after asking for a sign from him

*Jack Robinson, four, died from an inoperable brain tumour on April 1st 2014

*Mother Marie, 45, asked him to give her a 'sign' on the anniversary of his death

*She visited his grave to find a robin trying to land on her

*Robins are considered by some to be a sign from recently deceased loved ones

Why here, you may ask, well, because politics as serous as this can get pretty depressing at times, especially with the war stuff, but this really uplifted me today. It really is worth looking at the embedded video in the link below to see how beautiful the little robin is, and although overcome with sadness, how delighted mother is. I think it is extraordinary. And who knows, maybe it was a sign. I hope so.  KV

In 2014, Jack Robinson, from Hampshire in the UK, died at the age of 4.

His brain tumour had proved inoperable.

Jacks parents Terrence and Marie Robinson arranged a funeral involving a white horse-drawn carriage surrounded by Star Wars stormtroopers

Marie says: "Early Saturday morning I got in the car and said out loud, Jack, please give me a sign' and I thought I'll see him after work".

"At 1pm I left work and walked up to his resting place. I was overcome with emotion and I sat on the grass next to Jack"

With that a little robin kept flying around me trying to land on me,
 eventually landing on my foot - he didn't seem scared at all.

"The robin went and sat on a nearby headstone so I got my phone out 
to film him being close to me and he flew over and landed on my hand.

"He kept looking at me directly in my face and at one point he landed 

on my shoulder and nibbled me a couple of times."

Marie shared the video on Facebook, saying: "Can't believe what's 

just happened, come to see my precious boy Jack - just sat down 
on ground next to him and this happened.

"Yes it brought me to tears. Taking it as a sign from Jack."

For the superb embedded video -


André said...

For god's sake, Kaivey, what are those kinds of posts doing here in Mike Norman Economics?

Tom Hickey said...

For god's sake, Kaivey, what are those kinds of posts doing here in Mike Norman Economics?

Because MMT is about political economy and political economy is about more than money.

The liberalism that characterizes the West that emerged at the time of the Age of Enlightenment in 18th century Europe was about there human condition and the human spirit.

This simultaneous rise in rationalism and romanticism took place at the same time as the rise of science, when the modern world view was replacing the medieval theological world view, harkening back to the classical view of ancient Greece that emerged at the time of the Renaissance and ripened in the 18th century.

There is a dynamic tension between rationalism (intellect, head) and romanticism (feeling, heart) that is overcome by seeing them as complementary.

Matt Franko said...

"political economy is about more than money."

Tom your consciousness is probably > 1,000 years ahead of 99.9999% of people in the here and now...

jrbarch said...

... or the rest of us are >1000 years behind :-) !

Matt Franko said...

No jr you guys are waaaaaaaaay ahead.... I’ve been trained rigorously in time domain analysis believe me...

Kaivey said...

My apologies, André.

Neil Wilson said...

"Because MMT is about political economy and political economy is about more than money"

Crazy beliefs is why political economy is in the mess it is in.

Tom Hickey said...

Political economy is in the mess it is in owing to assuming methodological individualism when the basis of human society is the family, which is based on love as the ground of altruism rather than individuals maximizing preferences.

Love cannot be explained solely on biological terms, that is, naturalistically. Love is the mystical aspect of life. Denying or ignoring this results in dangerous nonsense.

Kaivey said...

MMT is about love, in a way - and economics, and politics. The MMTers are compassionate, considerate people who want to see a happier world. A world that is alive and healthy, where animals are treated with compassion, where pollution is minimised, where people around the world get a decent life.

The raw economic science of Egmont may be extremely efficient, but I doubt it would be pleasant.

Tom Hickey said...

A large part of the problem is equating economic theory with political economy.

Economic theory is based on assumptions, including methodological assumptions and "stylized facts." There is no applied economics similar to the way theory in physics is applied to engineering, or theory in biology to medicine.

Political economy is much more than applied economics. It is a policy science for dealing with real world issues based on history and evidence, on one hand. On the other hand, political economy is concerned with policy formulation, and policy is based on values, where objectives are determined by values.

Kaivey said...

I wanted to add some occasional lightness to MNE's, that's why I put out the physics video recently which had a lot of spirituality to it. It's a shame that Klee Irwin is not a really a scientist, though. I had no idea who he was when I put out the video.

Hard economics and politics blogs don't have a lot of off topic stuff in them, though, look at Billy Blog. But when something extraordinary turns up I thought I would post it. These sorts of things are not common place so it wouldn't be very often.

Looking back, though, I think I should have cut out all narrative and the photos, and just put out a link. Or maybe this one was not suitable at all. I will experiment with a few more and see how they go.