Friday, February 2, 2018

MSM News - Jeremy Corbyn releases tax return

Jeremy Corbyn sought to heap pressure on Theresa May to publish her full tax return as figures released by Labour showed he paid almost £50,000 in tax in 2016/17.
The Labour leader received a total income of £136,762 – including his salary as an MP, pay for his role as leader of the opposition and pensions – and paid a total of £48,079.80 in tax.
He said: “Tax avoidance and evasion deprive our public services of tens of billions of pounds every year and will only be tackled if we have the political will to do it.
“We cannot expect the public to trust us as party leaders, if we are not prepared to be open and honest about our own tax arrangements.”
Shadow chancellor John McDonnell received a total income of £87,353 and paid a total of £24,099.20 in tax, Labour said.

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Neil Wilson said...

Utterly, utterly pointless moralising. Plays completely into the 'those who pay more tax are so much better than the rest of us'.

Those on council estates don't pay any tax because they don't earn anything. Clearly that means they are worthless people.

If you pay more tax than you need to, then you've stopped the next guy in the transaction chain earning a living from your spending.

But more insidiously if you're in the 'talent' economy, you've pushed that loss upstream to the person from who you've drawn your now inflated income. Because I can guarantee that the net trouser you have will be precisely what you think you are worth.

That then ripples outwards until it finds somebody in the 'gig' economy who is forced to take the loss.