Thursday, February 15, 2018

Stephen F. Cohen — If America ‘Won the Cold War,’ Why Is There Now a ‘Second Cold War with Russia’?

The ongoing role of false narratives and historical fallacies.
The Nation
If America ‘Won the Cold War,’ Why Is There Now a ‘Second Cold War with Russia’?
Stephen F. Cohen | Professor Emeritus of Russian Studies, History, and Politics at New York University and Princeton University

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Agenda and hidden agenda.
I have remarked on more than one occasion that Western perceptions of the Russian ‘threat’ have historically owed little to the real scale (or even existence) of that threat. Instead they have tended to be products of internal political debates within the West, with depictions of Russia as good or evil serving as tools to advance certain political agendas. Leo Strauss argued that underneath the surface meaning of any work of philosophy there is also a hidden meaning, discernible only by a select few. One could say much the same about analyses of Russia: there’s the surface story – Russian aggression, Russian disinformation, Russian collusion, and so on – but there’s also something going on under the surface which constitutes the true purpose of the analysis in question….
This, btw, is how the Russian government publicly portrays it — a domestic struggle within US politics.

Russia as enemyPaul Robinson | Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa

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The Dutch Foreign Minister Halbe Zijlstra (lead image, left) resigned his post this week after admitting he had publicly and repeatedly lied that he had met with President Vladimir Putin when he had not done so.

The Dutch press, which initiated the investigation exposing the lie, reports that in his resignation speech to the Dutch parliament Zijlstra confessed “the biggest mistake of my political life… The Netherlands deserves a minister who is above any doubt.”
In Canada, Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland – appointed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in January 2017 — has been lying about meeting President Putin when she did not.
No Canadian newspaper has investigated Freeland’s lying, and she has expanded the lie to meetings with other Russian officials, which also did not happen. The Toronto Globe and Mail, the Ottawa Citizen and the state-owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) have also failed to report Zijlstra’s resignation for his Putin lie; their editors blocked the Reuters and Bloomberg wire reports, which have been running on Canadian newsroom screens, from appearing in print.
Is pretty boy Justin Trudeau a snake in the grass, or just naive (dumb)? This is not the half of it with Chrystia Freeland.

Dances with Bears
What Is the Difference Between the Lies the Dutch Foreign Minister and the Canadian Foreign Minister Have Been Telling About President Vladimir Putin? There’s No Difference.
John Helmer

It would be wishful thinking to believe actions could ‘change China’s DNA’
Asia Times
‘Dangerous to advocate confrontation’: China’s US envoy


Matt Franko said...

Because Vlad reneged on the gas deal through Ukraine....

Kaivey said...

That's a lie. I put a post out here about it sometime back.

Kaivey said...

Ukraine loses gas dispute to Russia; ordered to pay $2 billion to Gazprom

Contrary to Ukrainian claims Stockholm Arbitration Court finds in Gazprom’s favour in dispute about gas sales and prices

Matt Franko said...

What military does that Stockholm thing command to enforce their ruling???

Matt Franko said...

Kaivey why doesn’t that Stockholm thing just put out a ruling that we all have to be nice to each other? Why stop at the gas ruling?

Noah Way said...

If America ‘Won the Cold War,’ Why Is There Now a ‘Second Cold War with Russia’?

Because it's the only war we "won". Let's do it again!

GLH said...

Did I mention that I met Putin?

Matt Franko said...

FISA warrant for GLH!!!!!

"a snake in the grass, or just naive (dumb)?"