Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Was Palestinian teenager’s ‘slap’ terrorism? BBC News


John said...

So the member of the Knesset says there is "no occupation" and that a slap in the face of an occupying soldier is "terrorism". According to international law there is an "illegal occupation" and those under it have the right to resist, including killing the occupying forces. Israel is an apartheid religious chauvinist state.

Time for all countries that have any sense of decency to recognise Palestine as a member state at the United Nations. If the US vetoes it, then it's time for the rest of the world to find another way: full economic, educational, diplomatic, military, sporting sanctions and whatever else have to be considered.

Treat Israel like the pariah state it is and the dangerously expansionist and violent state that it so clearly is. Saudi Arabia should be on the list too. Psychopathic jihadi states of any religion, whether Jewish or Islamic, need to be be dealt with.

Kaivey said...

That Israeli official was so arrogant. They know they are wrong but no one does anything about it so they don't care. Good to see the BBC put this out.

Noah Way said...

75 years ago who would have thought that the Jews of the future would be running the world's largest concentration camp?

Maybe there is a reason for the repeated historical persecution of Jews. Or maybe it's just the human condition?

John said...

"Maybe there is a reason for the repeated historical persecution of Jews."

Yes, historically Christians were psychopathic religious sadistic bigots and the Nazis were the most malignant cancer the world has yet spawned.

Unfortunately, Israel from day one was an expansionist religious warrior state because it was created by likeminded gangsters. Naturally most European Jews wanted to go to America, but were forced by American realpolitik and American racism into the hands of the warrior terrorists who were the architects of an apartheid settler colonial state. Jews got another bad deal! White Europeans really are the most deranged bunch of savages to have lived: we persecute the Jews, then we murder them in untold numbers and then we force them into creating a warrior state for imperial ends. Now the whole thing has turned to shit and now the Jews of Israel are likely looking at permanent war or destruction. The only "friends" they have are anti-Semitic rapture "Christians".

Like all such warrior terrorist states, they need to be put out of the world's misery. The occupations of neighbouring countries (Palestine, Syria and Lebanon) must cease immediately. It's in Israel's own best interests to stop this shit, as all of Israel's leading military strategists have repeatedly warned. Anything else will eventually see the destruction of Israel. The only lunatics backing this cruel stupidity are the evangelical "Christians", another group of bastards who need to be put of the world's misery. Even the Mormon's refused to vote for Trump. The evangelicals were all the way with the pussy grabbing racist and money laundering fraudster.

Matt Franko said...

Hey John it came out this week that Carter Page was employed by one group of the FBI as an undercover agent in a counterintelligence op and then this unbeknownst to the Clintonista group in the FBI they said he was a Russian spy and got Title 1 surveillance approved on him AT THE SAME TIME.... LOL!!!!!

John said...

Matt, the Federal agencies get up to all kind of silliness all the time. They can be pretty incompetent too, like political and economic "masterminds" who end up taking the country through unnecessary pain. We'll see were all these weird detours on the Trump highway go to.

As you know, this Russia thing from day one has been total bullshit. Either the establishment has gone bonkers and bought into this nonsense about Trump being a Russian lackey or they're using that as a ruse while they're doing something else. The latter is possible but unlikely. So it seems the US establishment has gone stark raving bonkers. They used to be bad enough, but now collective insanity has gripped them.

Nevertheless, Mueller and team aren't insane. They're serious and apparently brilliant investigators, no matter what anyone says. The team is full of money laundering experts, which tells us all we need to know. It'd be the shock of the century if, with all the incredible resources they have at their disposable, they don't find mountains of evidence to bury Trump. The question is whether the establishment will call it off because Trump will make a deal. To me, it seems they're going for the jugular. Trump is visibly starting to sweat and getting the shakes. As they say in Mafia films, "His eyes were too big for his stomach".

I'm not being partisan when I say the man looks like the fight is going out of him. By now, he's realised he should have played all this very differently, listened to Bannon over Comey, never had that amazingly arrogant political ignoramus Kushner anywhere near him and had more serious and intelligent advisers from day one who would control the chaos. He could still have kept up the nationalism versus internationalism if he wanted, still baited the media but in a less abrasive fashion, still played to his base and all the other things that he thinks he absolutely must be loyal to. The brief and unnecessarily madcap Trump presidency will be a salutary lesson for all political science majors in the near future. I almost fell sorry for him!

John said...

Matt, I forgot to mention that I saw an amazing thing the other day. Some journalist was explaining that it is conceivable that Pence is involved in some unpleasantness too, and may be toppled along with Trump. In which case, constitutionally Nancy Pelosi would become president! That would be civil war 2.0. If there's one person the right hates more than Hillary, it's Pelosi. I don't know how anyone can hate anybody more than Hillary. Nancy Pelosi as president! In which case, the Austrians may be right: buy gold, guns and tinned foods!