Thursday, April 5, 2018

Adam Ramsay — The Spin War: Cambridge Analytica and Privatized Military Propaganda

Only two years after Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web, he wrote a sentence which, for me, teaches us more about the Cambridge Analytica story than much of the punditry that we've seen since: "just as wealth is no longer measured by the ostentation of wealth but by the secret circulation of capital, so war is not measured by being unleashed but by its speculative unfolding in an abstract, electronic and informational space."
Must-read. Details how the British ruling class is maintaining empire. Why Trumpgate and Russiagate are parts of the same canard, using a decoy to distract.

Mint Press
The Spin War: Cambridge Analytica and Privatized Military Propaganda – You can’t understand the Cambridge Analytica scandal until you understand what its parent company does.
Adam Ramsay


Detroit Dan said...

Interesting. I'd never thought about the British-connected tax havens (money laundering centers) in connection with Brexit.

Kaivey said...

Horrendous! How the elite make their money, and it's nothing to do with hard work. Racketeering, war, arms sales, money laundering, stealing other countries resources and then starting wars there. And when they run out of countries to loot so there's nowhere to invest their money they start the privatisation scam.

Noah Way said...

Excellent article, thanks for posting.