Saturday, April 14, 2018

AFP — US, France, Britain launch new UN bid for Syria chemical weapons probe

The UN is now finished as a result of the violation of the UN Charter by the US, and France without UN authorization or in self-defense.

The UN is now just of use for propaganda. Russia and China will vote everything that the US, UK and France propose in the UNSC, and vice versa.

Niki Haley is a prop in political theater. The US neocons and conservative nationalists have no use for the UN anyway and believe it is irrelevant, John Bolton in particular.

The ROW will watch this and shake their heads, although many countries will support the US in votes out of fear of reprisals. China and Russia are the only countries that have the chops to get in the face of the US. Together they are formidable.


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Kaivey said...

Russia is a vast country with pint a tiny population and only has a small army. It has an economy and the size of Italy. It believed its superior nuclear weapons would keep the West at bay. But would the US be mad enough to send European armies into Russia hoping it would not use its nuclear weapons as it would be MAD?

The US has set the West against Russia with the whole of densely populated Europe as an enemy on its doorstep. Most of the rest of the world are also vassal states of the US. The US Empire.

But China has a vast population and a large army which would be able to take on the US Empire. In a short time it will, like Russia, have superior weapons.

The Chinese and Russia have nationalised armaments industries that produce high grade weapons with little waste of money, but in the West the armament industries are privately owned which want high three monthly profits. It needs constant arms sales and peace is not good for business. But as it is a racket, because its business is surrounded in secrecy, it can, with corrupted politicians, like John Bolton, fleece the public producing extremely expensive weapons that always need more money to fully develop.