Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Alexander Mercouris — Trump draws back on criticism of Russia

A more measured view.
The day began with Trump responding in his usual overblown way to a needlessly provocative comment from the Russian ambassador to Lebanon, who is reported to have said that the Russians would shoot down all and every missile the US launched against Syria.
This statement – by a relatively junior ambassador in Russia’s diplomatic hierarchy – goes far beyond what other far more senior Russian officials – notably Russia’s UN ambassador Vassily Nebenzia – have been saying, and is almost certainly untrue....

Alexander Mercouris

But —
[Ambassador] Zasypkin’s statement reinforces a recent declaration by the Chief of the General Staff Gen. Valery Gerasimov. “If lives of the Russian officers are threatened, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will retaliate against missile and launch systems,” Gerasimov said on March 13.
Gerasimov, as both American and Russian-based experts have noted, is not prone to bluffing and strictly follows directives from Putin. “When the Russian chief of the general staff says something, you have to listen because someone told him to say it,” Center for Naval Analyses’ senior research scientist Michael Kofman said recently at the Center for the National Interest....
The National Interest
Tensions Are Flaring between Washington and Moscow


Kaivey said...

Phew! South Front still scary, though. And the Russians are increasing troops at Ukraine's borders.

Noah Way said...

Trump's handlers have their hands full.

When he went off-script and called for withdrawal from Syria they had to reel him back in with bogus a chemical attack.

Then when Trump overdid it with threats of imminent military action and Russia went on full combat alert, the handlers were forced to reel him back in the opposite direction.

Keystone cops playing with nuclear weapons.

Matt Franko said...

Could very well be the case Noah....

Trump has seen every con out there and knows how to counter them in his sleep... you have to call their bluff....

Noah Way said...

Trump is practiced in all the RE cons, he doesn't know squat about politics beyond basic bribery.

Tom Hickey said...


A RE deal is between the counterparties and their lawyers.

International relations are highly complex, involving a number of factors, some known and some unknown, only to be revealed after the fact.

The former is static and the latter is dynamic.

Trump is apparently clueless about this level of complexity, as well as the field of IR in which it takes place.

Conversely, HRC was well versed in this.