Thursday, April 5, 2018

Andrew Batson — What is changing about the rule of the Chinese Communist Party?

Good backgrounder. Relatively short.

From another vantage, Xi Jinping is also reformulating Chinese Communist thought. This is the underlying meaning of Xi Jinping Thought. Xi is emphasizing the continuous history of China as the "Middle Kingdom" operating "under Heaven." The CCP now holds the mantle and will only do so and can only do so as long as it possesses the "mandate of Heaven."

Debunking the "China-watchers."

Xi Jinping is moving away from the European roots of Communism in the thinking of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and V. I. Lenin, as well as its development in the USSR and European Communist parties. He is also placing strong emphasis on China's Confucian roots, which had not been done before. 

See Xi Launches Cultural Counter-Revolution To Restore Confucianism As China’s Ideology (must-read). It's not possible to understand and appreciate Xi Jinping Thought without understanding this. As a result, most of what is written about Xi, his intentions, and his reforms is a combination of blather, fear-mongering, and wishful thinking.

Note: The link is the post to Xi's speech doesn't work. Here is a working link: Xi Jinping's Speech in Commemoration of the 2,565th Anniversary of Confucius' Birth. It's a short speech that I would rate as a should-read for all and a must-read for those interested in China, international relations, and foreign policy.

It's a good speech that reveals the spiritual side of Xi Jinping, contradicting Western depictions and stereotypes, just as with Vladimir Putin. Both Xi and Putin are genuine in standing on firm spiritual ground based in values in contrast to religious belief. Conversely, the U. S. has a predominantly Dominionist cabinet.

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What is changing about the rule of the Chinese Communist Party?
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