Sunday, April 1, 2018

🎬 A Brit in Crimea (on his holidays) - Film - 2018 🎬

A life-affirming and (somewhat) non-political video for the holiday weekend. British freelance reporter Graham W. Phillips takes a longtime friend on an exploration of Crimea, getting a personal perspective on life there 4 years after its “annexation” by Russia following the 2014 coup d’Γ©tat in Ukraine. Phillips rose to prominence for his brave frontline reporting of the Washington-sponsored “Anti-Terror Operation” and subsequent civil war in Ukraine. Here he is in lighter mode. We hope he gets the chance to make more such films in the future, and that we get the chance to watch them.

This film was to be shown at a British film festival this year, but the invitation to a public screening was withdrawn, apparently in response to the Skripal event. Off-Guardian.

A shorter film exposing BBC propaganda

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