Friday, April 13, 2018

Charles Bausman - Trump Is Blinking on Syria - Russian Ability to Hit Back Is Too Risky for Him

It is now becoming quite clear that the US and Israel do not hold enough cards in Syria, and have been out-manouvered by Russia/Iran/Syria. The US will either not strike at all, or like a year ago, make symbolic strikes where they have warned the Russians of targets, avoiding any Russian fatalities. All of Trump's terrifying bluster of yesterday was just that, bluster.

The latest news is that now the Russian and American militaries are frantically talking, helped by Israelis (Netanyahu himself!), and the Turks (NATO members after all, but de facto Russian allies), trying to figure a way out of this Mexican standoff. Some experts are saying that it will go down like last time: the Americans will notify the Russians in advance of the targets, the Russians (and most Syrians whom the Russians will inform) will leave them, the strikes will be all for show, and the Russians and Syrians will get on with pulverizing Al Qaeda. The Syrians have already moved their planes to Russian bases, so, no, Syria will not lose its air force. Everyone saves face, and the world moves on.

But this will come at a high political cost for Trump at home, for his base will be furious at yet another betrayal. Every day that passes is another day of Tucker Carlson pointing out the insanity and extreme dishonesty of an American attack, and the American media screaming for one.

I wrote about that this morning - for those readers not watching American TV it is the most stupendous show of pathetic lying ever witnessed. But also, there is a the massively influential alternative media, on the left and the right, big guns like Alex Jones and Zerohedge, and hundreds of medium guns like Russia Insider, and social media, and Americans are tuning in and listening to what we are saying.

Russia Insider


Kaivey said...

Notice how he says that people are turning to alternative media for their news. When I go to the Guardian CiF I see that people are well informed. In fact, the anti Putin brigade, who parroted the Guardian, seem to be largely gone at the moment. Interesting that Zero Hedge is massive. I'm putting loads of stuff out on facebook informing people.

Noah Way said...

Facebook will likely block or delete your info. Zuck has to suck to avoid consequences.

In a different way than he already does.

Kaivey said...

Yeah, they will catch up with me eventually. But I'm not reaching hundreds, or thousands of people so I've got away with it so far.

Matt Franko said...

Nobody cool uses Facebook they use blogger....