Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Chris Scott — Stakes sky high as US tries to keep China from moving up the ladder

Officials at the Office of the US Trade Representative were quoted as saying the proposal identified products which “benefit from Chinese industrial policies, including Made in China 2025.” According to research from investment bank Natixis, released Wednesday, more than two thirds of the items targeted by the tariffs are listed in the Made in China 2025 strategy, which outlines how China intends to move up the economic value chain by investing in strategic technologies. China’s plan to become a dominant player in industries such as semiconductor manufacturing and artificial intelligence goes to the heart of the vision leaders in Beijing have laid out.
That is why, economist Alicia Garcia Herrero and Gary Ng write in the Natixis report, Beijing is willing to strike hard, even at the risk of collateral damage at home.
“The second round of retaliation shows that China has switched to measures that could hurt itself or both sides. The reason probably is that too much is at stake, namely, China’s ability to compete with the US as it moves up the technological ladder,” the economists write....
The real reason behind US trade policy toward China. Economic warfare to maintain and extend American global hegemony. Same as sanctions on Russia. The Empire views itself as threatened.

The first shots of WWIII have already been fired. Future historians will debate whether the beginning was the US bombing of Serbia under Bill Clinton or the US reaction to 9/11.  Jimmy Carter's arming of the jihadis in Afghanistan in order to sabotage the USSR as Brzezinski advised will also be included as a factor.

In any case, this war is already in progress and go hot at any moment.

Asia Times
Stakes sky high as US tries to keep China from moving up the ladder
Chris Scott


Noah Way said...

I think it goes back farther than that, to the Marshall Plan.

Matt Franko said...

What currency are the “Chinese” tariffs in?

Tom Hickey said...

I think it goes back farther than that, to the Marshall Plan.

Well, if you want to go back that far, WWII never really ended. There was serous consideration of extending the war to the USSR to remove "the red menace." But TPTB decided to postpone the attack on the USSR since the Allies were exhausted at the time and the Red Army was in Berlin.

The collapse of the USSR was expected to end Russia as a world power for good, but it did not happen as planned since the intended soft takeover of the Russian Federation did not work out when Putin put a stop to it to prevent the country from disintegrating.

This is the reason that "Putin must go." It's to continue the liberalization of Eurasia that will result in a Western economic takeover.

This is the thumbnail sketch. There's a lot more to be said but that is a story for another day.

Tom Hickey said...

BTW, economic and financial takeover is what the game of "liberalization" is all about, as well as the liberal "rules-based" international order under which the West makes the rules, and the US in particular.

The Chinese leadership is aware of this not so hidden agenda, too.