Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Doug Tsuruoka — ‘Star Wars’ missile defense is back, but not how it should be

Another multi-trillion dollar boondoggle in the works that could have been avoided. The Anglo-American defense industry will be pleased.

Asia Times
‘Star Wars’ missile defense is back, but not how it should be
Doug Tsuruoka  | Editor At Large

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"Lest we forget."
An indisputable fact is that what has led to both World Wars – that was British politics, or, if you prefer, whatever acted through it. However, there is an interesting difference between the activities of London in 1914 and 1917, and in 1939 – and also there exists a lot of similarities with present London (and Washington) proceedings.
Britain versus Germany and Russia. WWII, the United Nations, the liberal world order, NATO, the Common Market, the European Union, and the Eurozone were supposed to preclude the these rivalries in Europe from rising anew. But here we go again.

The author's English is "non-standard," and the piece is longish. It also deals with details of history, geopolitics, and geostrategy that require some background.  Moreover, it not only goes deeper than the history written by the victors that has become the normal paradigm in the UK and US, but it contradicts that narrative.
Konrad Rekas (lives in Tarnobzeg, Poland)

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