Friday, April 13, 2018

Jim W. Dean - John Bolton as the ugly American, and liking it

We all wondered why Trump made John Bolton as his National Security adviser, but perhaps he was told to appoint him, at least according to some sources.

Commentators are crediting Jewish-Zionist billionaire Sheldon Adelson with putting the whammy on Trump, such that if the Republicans want to be bankrolled by Shelly in the mid-term elections, he wants Bolton as National Security adviser.
If true - and it does seem to explain Trump's strange decision - then an American Neocon from the Israel Lobby is calling the shots in the American government, which means the wishes of the American people are not being represented. The US is an oligarchy.

It makes more sense to me now that John Bolton is a psychopath who is being generously paid by the Neocons and military-industrial complex to promote their agenda. It's all about big money.

So, we have a maniac in charge who is prepared to push it to the limit to gain control of Syria risking WW3. Let's hope Trump has some sanity and sorts this out.

We now know that the US elite don't want the government to provide public education because they don't need an educated workforce anymore as products can be made more cheaply elsewhere in the world. It's like a Blade Runner nightmare. And because the elite control the media they can get enough of them to vote for these changes.

Jim W. Dean - John Bolton as the ugly American, and liking it

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