Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Ken Moak — Reality check may make Trump rethink trade war

In news reports around the world, from Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post to, US President Donald Trump is reported to have softened his “tough” trade stance against China. In the April 8 reports, he said that Chinese President Xi Jinping will always be his friend and China and the US will negotiate a trade deal that will benefit the “two great nations,” a far cry from his blistering response of upping the ante to triple the number of Chinese goods subject to tariffs.
But in true Trump tradition, he claimed victory, suggesting that “China will do the right thing and bring down trade barriers [against the US].” The Washington Times reported on April 10 that Trump’s economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, said China may have “blinked” because Xi’s Boao Forum touched on China opening up and lowering the tariff on cars.
However, if one were to examine Xi’s April 10 speech, he simply reiterated his promoting of and support for globalization. Xi’s promise to bring down trade barriers is not to appease Trump – it is consistent with his globalization narrative. Sorry, Mr Kudlow, President Xi did not “blink”. It might be your president that “blinked.”...
Asia Times
Reality check may make Trump rethink trade war

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