Tuesday, April 10, 2018

North Korea, Iran and Syria: The Chemical Weapons Axis of Evil?

These 3 would seem to be the unfinished business in the GWOT...

Seems like Kim is perhaps capitulating but the other two?

The report listed fifteen Syrian engineers among the dead, “dozens” of Iranians and three North Korean technicians. Indeed, North Korea had played a key role in supplying both Syria and Iran with chemical weapons and ballistic-missile technology with which to launch them at distant targets.

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Tom Hickey said...

Kim is not capitulating. His conditions for denuclearization — a peace treaty and US withdrawal from SK — will be unacceptable to the US.

China will likely back Kim.

Then the US has to decided whether it wants to risk war with an adversary that can actually fight back. US has not been in that position since WWII.

This is far from over.

The US can attack Iran but that risks Iran destroying the Saudi oil fields and hitting US bases in the region.

Syria risk war with Russia.

No slam dunk. And no good options there that have the US winning bigly in a zero-sum game.

Pentagon will present the civilian leadership with a cost-benefit analysis.