Thursday, April 19, 2018

Syria Update

Moon of Alabama
Syria - Who Is Stalling The OPCW Investigation In Douma?

Militants blocking OPCW inspectors from ‘chem-attack’ site in Douma – Russian deputy FM

Emails reveal White Helmets tried to lobby ex-Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters

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Russia Insider
Hillary's Sociopathic Wikileaks Emails: Kill Assad, Destroy Syria - Deep State Goal for 10 Years
Patrick Fleming

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I also posted a separate link to this.

The Unz Review
The Neocons Are Selling Koolaid Again!
Col. W. Patrick Lang, US Army (ret.)

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Sputnik International
Militants Who Attacked UN Mission in Douma Were Warned in Advance - Lavrov

Syrian Center Struck in US Missile Attack Specialized in Cancer Drugs - Employee

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Lots more links, some the same as here. Plus Novichok links.

William Bowles
Syria News Links April 18-19 2018

Novichok News Links 14-19 April 2018

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