Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Psychology of Russiagate — An Interview With Glenn Greenwald

Excellent. The Democratic Party establishment as the real villains in the piece.

An Interview With Glenn Greenwald

The consequences of this villainy.
Incessant Kremlin-baiting of President Trump is risking a Cuban missile–like crisis that he, unlike JFK in 1962, may not be permitted to resolve peacefully.
The Nation
‘Russiagate’ Allegations Continue to Escalate the Danger of War With Russia
Stephen F. Cohen | Professor Emeritus of Russian Studies, History, and Politics at New York University and Princeton University

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Konrad said...

The Democrat establishment is just as neoliberal and warlike as are Republicans. Moreover Democrats nauseated America with their super-delegate scam, and with their torpedoing of the primaries against Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary.

Quite simply, Democrats have nothing to offer average Americans except political correctness and Social Justice Warrior pathologies.

Therefore Democrats created Russia-gate in order to deflect public attention away from Democrat corruption, and from Democrat complicity with the Pentagon, Wall Street and Big Pharma.

Several months ago the corrupt and neoliberal Democrat establishment began planning a new distraction, this one centered on gun-grabbing. The Parkland FL shooting of 14 Feb 2008 gave them the excuse they were waiting for, and the Democrat big shots arranged the “kids marches” nationwide. Democrats don't care about guns. (As long as the peasants keep shooting each other, the oligarchs are safe.) The goal of the “kids’ marches” is to make people register to vote Democrat for the Nov 2018 elections.

At the same time, many average Americans use Russia-gate to mentally distract themselves from the painful reality of downward mobility, male castration, and ever-increasing debt and poverty. People chant, “Russia did it” so they can sleep at night. They chant “Putin did it” so they can delude themselves that the US government is “keeping us safe.”

Inside, people know that it’s all lies. Hence they continually increase their addiction to Russia-gate in order to continually deny the painful reality of their lives. Loneliness, hopelessness, pollution, sexual frustration, downward mobility -– all these are keep hidden by sweeping them under the rug of “Russia did it.”

The Titanic has hit an iceberg, and is sinking. Down in the lower decks, confined by locks and cages, the passengers chant “Russia did it” so they can feverishly deny their approaching doom.