Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Trump Prepares to Launch His Illegal Attack on Syria, By DANIEL LARISON

The American Conservative is quite good. It even has an article today criticising the privatisation of veteran health care, which is another racket.  KV
The president will very likely order an illegal attack on another government in the coming days. Trump has no authority to order an attack on the Syrian government, which has not attacked the U.S. and doesn’t pose any threat to America or its allies. There is no international mandate for military action against Syria, and there is no vital American interest at stake that might conceivably justify an attack. That said, in the absence of concerted resistance from Congress and the public, he will be able to get away with this illegal attack just as he got away with the illegal attack he ordered last year.
For all of the ceaseless clamor about Trump’s incipient authoritarianism, few of his domestic opponents care when he illegally uses military force overseas. When Trump tramples on the Constitution to wage illegal war, he is confirming the practice of his recent predecessors rather than breaking with it. Most of his domestic opponents don’t care about executive overreach and illegal warfare, and they are more likely than not to applaud him for ordering an attack.
The America Conservative


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