Friday, April 13, 2018

WATCH: Sky News experience technical trouble that silences expert doubting pro-war Syria narrative

The interview doesn't go to plan when the British chemical weapons expert is puzzled as to why Assad would use chemical weapons now when he is winning the war and Trump says he's going to pull out of Syria. But the newsreader abruptly says she has to leave it there and cuts him off mid sentence.

I bet this is flying all over the internet.

Millions are catching on that the fake news is MSM that they see every night on TV. But I couldn't find the clip on YouTube, which has been taken from twitter.
The bizarre UK/US “action on Syria” narrative is falling apart before our eyes. Germany, Italy, Canada and the Netherlands are bailing on any immediate involvement. The impression is strong that the UK’s Theresa May is being pressured into a statement of resolve she is by nature too cowardly to get behind. Even Mad Dog Mattis and Mike Pompeo are sounding notes of caution. Meanwhile the Russians are going all out on claiming the alleged gas attack was a hoax or a false flag, and a gutsy presser this morning from the Russian ambassador to the UK has been followed by more allegations about the UK’s direct involvement in pushing for a fake or false flag chemical attack in Douma.

The establishment’s collapsing confidence in it’s ability to sell this newest and most insane war is best exemplified by this brief clip in which Sky News experiences sudden technical trouble while interviewing a British military expert on chemical warfare who unexpectedly veers from the approved script.

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