Monday, April 2, 2018

William Holland — US military brass seek unified ‘Nazi’ command

Something more to think about, although the title is more provocative than it needs to be. "Nazi-like" would be more apt in my view.

The term "Nazi" more than raises eyebrows and more than eyebrows need to be raised.

Asia Times
US military brass seek unified ‘Nazi’ command
William Holland

The United States has already gone against the views of the Founding Fathers regarding "entangling alliances" and constitutional delegation of wars powers to the legislative branch.

Would replacement of the currency organizational structure of the military with a general staff further erode the liberal vision upon which America was founded?

Would a president that controls foreign and military policy back by a general staff be the way to do to meet contemporary challenges. Or is this a slippery slope that the country has arguably already started to slide down on to extend and maintain American hegemony?

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