Monday, July 9, 2018

Craig Murray — Dawn Sturgess

Dawn Sturgess is the Salisbury woman who just died after allegedly being poisoned by a Novichok nerve agent.

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Dawn Sturgess
Craig Murray, formerly British ambassador to Uzbekistan and Rector of the University of Dundee

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Konrad said...

How do we know that “Dawn Sturgess” ever existed?
How do we know that “Novichok” ever existed?
How do we know that “Novichok” killed “Dawn Sturgess”?
How do we know that Russians had anything to do with this?

Why did the Skripals vanish? Why was no one allowed to interview them? Why has no one produced a sample of “Novichok”?

What proof do we have that any politically charged claim by the corporate media outlets is true?

This whole thing reeks of lies.

Konrad said...

I once visited Salisbury during a brief trip to see Stonehenge.
I would estimate the city’s population to be 30 or 40K.

From now on, it seems that everyone who dies in Salisbury will have been murdered by Russian phantoms who float around spraying “Novichock” into the air.

Noah Way said...

My car had a flat tire this morning.

@*&$! Russians.

Kaivey said...

I saw the film, Big Brother, as a kid and that was scary enough, but now i realise that I live in the Matrix and everything is a lie, and always has been. I saw all the WW2 films as a kid and took in all the propaganda. We played war games as children and we would say in a German accent to each other, "we have ways of making you talk", but now I know all sides were evil.

The wickedness of the elite has no bounds. Their evil is scintillating, and I can only assume they have a rock solid belief that there is no divine, or God, or absolute, so they think what the hell, I can have everything I want and take everything from everyone else as there's no retribution. They don't care about the environment as they believe they will be dead before it affects them, and so on. As Chris Hedges says, they are extremely selfish people. It's's as if they are non human. Now we all know David Icke is mad, but I think this why he calls them lizard people, because it doesn't make sense to him how they can be so cruel and inhuman.