Monday, July 9, 2018

Graham Phillips - What do Russians think of President Putin❓❓ Rostov, Russia ❗

Graham Philips is an amazing guy who singlehandedly seems to be exposing Western propaganda. Here he interviews Russians asking them what they think of President Putin, and it's quite enlightening. Now be could have edited out interviews he didn't like, and the Western media would say that Russian propaganda had affected the views of Russians, but I believe in Graham Philips sincerity.

Anyhow, see how attractive the Russian people are, and how British many of them look. Hey, Russians are nice people just like us, but our leaders try to make them out as enemies who are  very, very, terribly conservative! Hmmm, but Russian women are really happy with the rights they have gained.

 And I even like some of the criticism of Putin that turns up here. One person says that Putin cares more for politics than he does the economy, but I like Putin for his keen interest in politics. Another person says he cares for other countries more than he does Russian. Now that does sound like a typical conservative point of view. And Putin is said to be very conservative, but Russians get free edication, state healthcare, and good state pensions. Gee, that beats the US !which is a far richer country.

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