Saturday, July 7, 2018

Jonathon Pie - Benefits Britain: Poor people are the problem.

It's funny how so many of the the working class are voting conservative now, and the middle class, who don't need the benefits so much, are voting left.  In the last UK election, Corbyn picked up most of his votes from the middle class and even the upper class.


Konrad said...

Q. Why are so many of the working class are voting conservative?

A. The Tories and Labour are the same in every way that matters. Both sides serve bankers, austerity, war, and neoliberalism. (Labour sometimes claims not to do this, but they are lying. Corbyn, for example, favors deficit reduction, which is austerity.)

Therefore the only real difference between the two sides is that Labour promotes political correctness, such as militant feminism, militant “gay right” trash, “trans rights” filth, and so on. Labour does this in order to appear that Labour it “cares” about people, when in fact Labour is bought and owned, just like the Tories.

Regardless of how often the corporate media outlets push politically correct filth, most people don’t care for it.

Therefore, since both parties are dedicated to crushing average Britons, workers figure they might as well vote for conservatives, who will continue to crush them, but without the added insult of political correctness.

Bob Roddis said...

Average people have integrity and just want to work and earn their own living.

"Progressivism" is just a form of upper middle class neurosis.

Leftism is the political consensus of the modern establishment. The elites take middle class wealth and pay it out as tribute to the dissatisfied poor. To facilitate this, they appeal to the conservatism and vanity of the upper middle class. The upper middle class are the facilitators: the trained expert managers with the work ethic to make the whole system work. They are the backbone of modern civilization, and modern civilization’s sociocultural norms reflect their worldview. Outside of America, this class is called cosmopolitan.
The form of leftism is that of magical thinking. The archetypal form of upper middle class political expression is the white female college student. Hers is a world firmly set in relative comfort and safety, whose social instincts translate into certain political concretes. Fairness, equality, maternal care of the less fortunate, harsh punishment of outsiders, deference to constituted authority, a focus on proximate social needs and a frustration with cold abstraction, logic, and analysis. She is a gatekeeper to sex, and therefore hugely influential to the direction of social interaction among her peers. The safety and comfort of upper middle class life – fully realized in the college environment (outside of retirement and home equity the great sponge of middle class wealth in American society) – makes room for her voice. She doesn’t create the culture, but the sociological needs of the culture favor her preferences, because suppressing her preferences would invalidate the core premises of the culture. Leftism is magical thinking because it is the hope that the rarefied environment of the upper middle class can be magically extended to all people for all time by mere whim. The horror that this lifestyle is tenuous or rare, maybe undeserved and unjustly gained (the spoils of empire), fundamentally contradicts the premises of upper middle class culture.

Upper middle class culture says that life is supposed to be comfortable and safe. To show that it might not always be so proves that life might not always be comfortable and safe. The archetypal upper middle class female college student can’t countenance this. The city suburbs and college towns become little Asgards and Olympuses, magical paradises which can change the rest of the world by mere assertion of culture.

Matt Franko said...

"Hers is a world firmly set in relative comfort and safety,"

She's got it right but not trained/qualified in how to do it...

Ryan Harris said...
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Ryan Harris said...
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