Friday, July 13, 2018

Patrick Lawrence — What’s Going to Happen When Assad Wins the War in Syria?

Happy to see Patrick Lawrence writing for AlterNet.

What’s Going to Happen When Assad Wins the War in Syria? 
Patrick Lawrence, Independent Media Institute

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Konrad said...

The U.S.-led proxy war had two main goals: to destroy the Syria government and society (as NATO did with Libya), and to break off the eastern third of Syria, and put it under permanent U.S. and Israeli occupation.

The first goal was not achieved, but the second goal was successful. There are at least 2,000 U.S. troops in eastern Syria, plus British troops. This is the part of the (former) Syrian state that has oil.

The USA and the Kurds call this occupied eastern third of Syria “Rojava.” Since the Kurds are strongly allied with the USA and Israel, “Rojava” is now US / Israeli territory.

The USA will increasingly put pressure on the U.N. to recognize “Rojava” as a new sovereign nation (under U.S. / Israeli control). Syria will lose the revenue from its oil fields, which are now under U.S. occupation.

However the game is not over.

Syria, Iraq, and Iran are suffering from a prolonged drought. Therefore look for increasing conflict over water from the Euphrates River, which now is the border between Syria and "Rojava."