Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Paul Antonopoulos — Why is Russia creating a new EMP blast warplane?

Space wars. 

The arms race to control space is on, especially after the US announced the establishing of a "space force" to dominant weaponized space.

On the positive side, it may spin off new technology with non-military applications

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Why is Russia creating a new EMP blast warplane?
Paul Antonopoulos


Ryan Harris said...

Important to take control of communications, of course, more difficult that eliminating a point source. You have to block all spectrums and frequencies from enemy use and maintain the block for the duration of the mission, which maybe short or long term. Not easy, massive amount of frequency space and physical space to dominate. The US is pretty advanced here if you think about the layers of our systems and weaponry. Russia is on version 2 and US on version 7. Russia can have a limited impact on some systems in a limited area but doesn't have the capability to take down the entire system, exclude US from a large space or ability to prevent the US from shutting down their own networks.

Tom Hickey said...

Right. Presently, the Russian military-technology folks are focused on neutralizing an attack, which is a short-term incident. The long term objective is destabilizing the electronic command and control system of the enemy as long as necessary.

The US, Russia and China are all working on this — feverishly.

It's more difficult and costly in real terms for the US, since the US is offensively oriented and Russia and China are defensively oriented. Current US military strategy involves the ability to fight peer adversaries (Russia and China) on two fronts will also being able to control the global periphery. Thus twelve carrier groups, for example. Russia and China only need a carrier-killer instead of competing directly with the US carrier fleet.

Moreover, the US is spread out over the globe, while Russia and China are chiefly concerned with the homeland and being able to deter the US from attacking by MAD.