Wednesday, July 4, 2018

RT — ‘They want me dead’: Rafael Correa defies arrest order & talks ‘lawfare’ in emotional RT interview

Former President of Ecuador Rafael Correa has defied an arrest order, claiming the new government is waging “lawfare” to deprive him of a political future – and even life, in an exclusive RT interview.
Judge Daniella Camacho ordered the arrest of three-term President Rafael Correa on Tuesday over his alleged involvement in the 2012 abduction of a political opponent and requested that Interpol apprehend him for extradition. Correa, who now lives in Belgium, called the allegations “tremendously ridiculous” and dismissed Ecuador’s pressure on him in an interview with RT.
“That is called lawfare, you know,” Correa said. “They can’t defeat us in elections, so they try to defeat us using the judicial system. We have to stop that because this is not democracy.”
The former president, who also hosted a show ‘Conversations with Correa’ on RT Espanol, said that his adversaries “may invent whatever they want because they control everything – media, judicial system, the National Assembly [Ecuadorean parliament], etc. to pursue left leaders.”
“This is a regional strategy to pursue progressive leaders through judicial system – it’s called lawfare or judicialization of politics,” he said. Asked what he is going to do next, he replied: “Just waiting because there is no hope to have a fair [trial].”
He maintained that the prosecutor dealing with the 2012 abduction case was appointed against Ecuadorean law, which stipulates the post may only be filled after a nationwide selection. “He was installed with a mission to put me in jail,” Correa said, adding that he hopes that political situation in Ecuador will finally change....
‘They want me dead’: Rafael Correa defies arrest order & talks ‘lawfare’ in emotional RT interview

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Konrad said...

When Rafael Correa was president of Ecuador, his vice president was Lenín Boltaire Moreno Garcés.

Lenín Moreno‘s parents were populist leftists. They even named their child “Lenin” after communist leader Vladimir Lenin. Moreno’s father was a teacher who promoted bilingual education and integrated schools for white and non-white children.

Lenin Moreno entered politics as a populist leftist, and eventually because vice president to Rafael Correa, who was also a populist leftist. Toward the end of Correa’s second term, Correa endorsed Moreno to run for presidency. On 1 Oct 2016, Correa's Alianza País [National Alliance Party] nominated Moreno as their candidate for in the 2017 presidential election.

I saw many warning signs about Moreno, and I explained them in my comments on other people’s blogs. I saw red flags which indicated that if Moreno won the presidency, he might do an about-face and become a neoliberal. He would betray Correa, Ecuador’s people, and even his own parents. He would be an Obama. And indeed, neoliberals installed Moreno the way they install their chosen candidates in the USA: by running them against right-wing buffoons. In Ecuador’s case it was Guillermo Lasso: a millionaire arch-neoliberal banker.

On 2 April 2017 Moreno won, and he did an about-face as I had feared. His own Alianza País Party expelled him, and Correa began making numerous speeches against him in public and on TV.

Moreno ordered Correa arrested and imprisoned, but Correa escaped to Belgium.

Now Moreno is calling on Interpol to arrest and extradite Correa, so that Moreno can imprison Correa for life.

I am amazed that Moreno has not (yet) booted Julian Assange out of Ecuador's embassy in London.

Evidently Moreno's tactic is to force Assange to surrender voluntarily. Under Moreno's orders, Assange has been totally cut off from the outside world. No Internet, no phone calls, and no visitors. No doubt Assange's food rations have also been cut.