Monday, July 9, 2018

Simon Clark - Climate change is already irreversible

The technology to remove carbon from the atmosphere and turn it into energy has now been developed, but at present it may be a bit too expensive to make a significant difference, but the price could come down as the technology improves.

In the documentary, Cowspiracy, they show how methane emissions from the meat industry is far more destructive to the environment than carbon doixide. The documentary makers interview many people from leading environmentalist organisations but they weren't interested in the problem of methane gas emissions from the meat industry. I think this is because the issue is too big for them, as they believe it's hard enough to get people to accept carbon dioxide induced climate change, and they like their meat too much.

This documentary below its the shortened version of the film, Cowspiracy. If you are an environmentalist and a liberal, you will like the documentary filmmakers, who are vegans, like me.

Conspiracy - short version.


Matt Franko said...

“who are vegans, like me.”


Konrad said...

We have the technology, but we lack the intelligence. For example, too many morons like the one above (M.F.) cling to the idiotic delusion that there is no such thing as climate change, even as California is ravaged by wildfires caused by a record-breaking heat wave, and western Japan is destroyed by record rains.

For losers like the one above, even if average temperatures continue to steadily rise for the next 100,000 years until all life is incinerated, they would still call it a temporary “fluke” caused by UFOs or maybe “sunspot activity.” Or they would simply call it "global cooling."

Happily, such cretins will be the first ones eaten when the game ends, since they will be too stupid to avoid predation.

Noah Way said...

We are so fortunate to have one completely unbiased absolutely objective person - apparently the only one on the planet - here to comment on these matters.

Ryan Harris said...

Meanwhile, China never stopped using or producing CFC11. Whoopsie Daisy