Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sputnik — US NATO Envoy Claims Russia is Trying to 'Flip' Turkey, Other Allies to Its Side

Ha ha. After the US flipped Ukraine toward NATO? More projection.

Sputnik International
US NATO Envoy Claims Russia is Trying to 'Flip' Turkey, Other Allies to Its Side

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Konrad said...

“Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has promised retaliatory measures against Washington if it blocks the delivery of the F-35 jets. He also said Turkey would consider purchasing US-made Patriot missile batteries or any other air defense systems if it is given a fair offer from its NATO allies.”

Hopefully Turkey is bluffing, and is not that stupid. The S-400 is an effective anti-aircraft system, but Raytheon’s patriot missile system is utterly useless. So are all systems purportedly designed to defend against ballistic missiles. All tests of the latter systems are faked, and their numbers fudged.

No exceptions.

The technology to defend against ballistic missiles simply does not exist. It has been a trillion-dollar hoax since Reagan announced his useless “Strategic Defense Initiative” in 1983. And yet, most people are so invested in the hoax that they become angry if you expose it.

Repeat: anti-aircraft systems are one thing, and they can be quite effective.

However ballistic missile defense is an expensive hoax.

QUESTION: If U.S. “stealth” aircraft are invisible to radar, then how can the S-400 be effective?
ANSWER: “Stealth aircraft” are not invisible to shorter range radar than operates in shorter wavelengths (like the S-400 system). “Stealth aircraft” only have a low signature amid long-distance, long-wave tracking radar. Even then they can easily be tracked by infrared satellite imaging, even in the blackest of nights.