Sunday, September 9, 2018

Crispian Balmer — U.S. President Trump facing a 'coup': Bannon

Steve Bannon goes there, after being out of the headlines for some time.
“What you saw the other day was as serious as it can get. This is a direct attack on the institutions,” Bannon said during a flying visit to Italy. “This is a coup, okay”.…
“This is a crisis. The country has only ever had such a crisis in the summer of 1862 when General McClellan and the senior generals, all Democrats in the Union Army, deemed that Abraham Lincoln was not fit and not competent to be commander in chief,” Bannon said.
The US corporate media, led by the Grey Lady, is not only propagandizing another Iraq WMD story about Syria now, but also promoting a soft coup against POTUS.

So where does this all lead? Is looking the republic is in trouble?

U.S. President Trump facing a 'coup': Bannon
Crispian Balmer


Kaivey said...

Charles Ortel and Jason Goodman will be onto this. There is a large section of the Right who are still powerful and are alarmed by this. How peaceful they are, I don't know? We can only hope for the best. Many of the moderate conservatives are against war.

Matt Franko said...

“where does this all lead?”

Hopefully a lot of people locked up after November....