Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Sanctions and Trade Wars — Links

Fort Russ News
SO IT BEGINS: Venezuela Kicks-off Sale of Cryptocurrency
Paul Antonopoulos

Sputnik International
Iran Selling Oil on Stock Exchange - Energy Expert

Sputnik International
Russia May Partially Replace US in Soybean Exports to China Amid Trade War - PM

Sputnik International
France Will Lead EU Drive to Defy Iran Sanctions, Bolster Euro – Minister

Russia can temporarily restrict lumber export to China, natural resources minister warns

Asia Times
China will not be bullied by Imperialist powers, warns Xi confidant
Gordon Watts


Russia And Turkey Promise To Defy Donald Trump's Iran Sanctions
Jason Lemon

US sanctions pose no threat to Sino-Russian arms supply contract, says federal service

Eurasia Review
New Players In A Dollarized World – Analysis
Michael Romanowski

Sputnik International
US Trying to Convince EU to Keep Anti-Russian Sanctions

Iran’s Message on Trump Sanctions

Moscow vows to challenge US actions should Russian state debt be sanctioned

Sputnik International
'Obviously We Have an Economic War Between US and Iran' – Market Consultant

Russia's PM believes US imposes sanctions to solve its domestic political problems


Sputnik International
Russian Gov’t May Support Certain Key Firms If They're Hit by US Sanctions - PM

The Unz Review
Iran Sanctions Could Turn Into Demonstration of US Weakness
Patrick Cockburn

Sputnik International
Iran Warns of 'Hurtful' Times for Oil Buyers as US Sanctions Kick In

Facing new sanctions, Iranians vent anger at rich and powerful

Zero Hedge
Iran's 'Ghost Ships' Evade Oil Sanctions By Turning Off Trackers
Tyler Durden

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