Wednesday, January 2, 2019

BadMouthProductions - Calculating Capitalism's Death Toll

Imagine a Sci -fi film about an alien planet that has an economic system where 3% of its inhabitants starve each year. It is said that there is no alternative, because if the system is changed then even more people will die.

There has to be competition to bring wages down to make goods more affordable, they say - even if that means that 3% of the population have no work and may starve.  And so it is accepted that some people will die so that others can live. Fortunately, it's just a horror film.


Konrad said...

Before I comment on the video, I wish to say four things about Jordan Peterson . . .

[1] He is an incoherent babbler. Rarely does someone spend so many words without saying anything at all.

[2] Like most right-wingers, Peterson serves oligarchs and neoliberals by equating economic progressives with social progressives. For Peterson, if you favor some semblance of socialism, then you favor political correctness. If you want Medicare-For-All, or if you want big corporations to be 51% state-owned, then you automatically hate whites. You automatically support Antifa, “gay rights,” “trans rights,” feminism, unlimited immigration, and so on.

For Peterson, unless you support neoliberalism with its ever-worsening inequality, you are a Communist.

[3] Peterson says that Jews are successful because they are smarter than everyone else. This claim is debunked by blogger Ron Unz (himself a Jew) who says that Jews are successful because they help each other. For example, Jewish applicants are disproportionately represented in universities that are Jewish-controlled (e.g. Columbia, Yale, Harvard, and Penn State).

However in universities that are not Jewish-controlled, the admissions policies are merit-based (e.g. MIT, Dartmouth, Princeton, Caltech, and Stanford). Here Jews do not get in by simply being Jews. Here intelligence counts. Here Jewish students are significantly outnumbered by non-Jews.

Unz notes that in the 1920s, elite colleges limited Jewish students to 15% of the total, and that Jews loudly complained about this. Today Jewish-controlled institutions discriminate against non-Jews, but non-Jews dare not complain about this, since non-Jews who complain are “anti-Semitic.” (An exception is Asian students, who have successfully sued some Jewish-controlled institutions for discrimination against Asians.)

Finally, Unz notes that these facts have become so obvious that Jewish students are careful to not identify themselves as “Jewish,” by which they mean they are not religious. This makes Jewish numbers seem smaller. However when we speak of the real Jewish religion (i.e. worship of the holocaust,™ and loyalty to Israel) the numbers resume their true status, and the truth once again becomes obvious that Jews discriminate against non-Jews.

Therefore, contrary to Peterson, Jews are not smarter. They’re just more cohesive than other groups.

Lengthy analysis is here…

[4] Peterson doesn’t care about Israeli extermination of Palestinians. He believes that Israel, despite its endless atrocities, is a bastion of sanity in a wasteland of savages. This alone makes him worthless.

Continued below . . .

Konrad said...

Regarding the video, these claims about Communism having killed ‘X’ million people are designed to support neoliberalism, in which bloodthirsty oligarchs own everything and everyone, and have killed millions of people.

“Under capitalism, production is organized to produce profit, rather than satisfy people’s needs. Many people’s needs are not met because there is no profit in serving them, despite the fact that there are more than enough resources on earth to give everyone a comfortable existence.”

With capitalism the problem is not scarcity, but maldistribution. Capitalists worship greed and selfishness.

Capitalists are destroying the planet in their quest for monetary profits.

The standard response to these facts is bullshit. ("You're a Communist!")

Bob Roddis said...

Calling the current system "capitalism" is typical "progressive" obfuscation of plain language. "Progressives", being unable to win any debate on the merits, have decided to simply destroy the meaning of words. The political/economic system we presently have is KEYNESIAN and it is funded by our mah-velous and beloved fiat funny money system. The current system is the "modern money system" which comes along with all of its natural horrors. As Mosler plainly admits, the modern money system is based upon the threat of violence from the government. Further, it was concocted by the bankers to facilitate the looting of society and now the entire planet. What does that have to do with "capitalism"? If you are not physically safe in your person and property with a court system that will enforce your safety, there is no "free market".