Thursday, January 3, 2019

Graham Phillips - MASS Neo-Nazi Marches in Ukraine today to honour Stepan Bandera

There was massive Neo-Nazi and far right marches in the Ukraine two days ago in remembrance of Stefan Bandera, an Ukrainian nationalism and Nazi, which was ignored by the Western media. It's difficult to understand such hate and desire for war.

In the video below you see how badly the Jews and the Polish were treated by the Ukrainian nationalists during WW2, where even the German Nazis were shocked. But Israel News Live say that Israel is now arming the Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

Stepan Bandera! Who Was He? Hero or Nazi?

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Konrad said...

“In the video below you see how badly the Jews and the Polish were treated by the Ukrainian nationalists during WW3, where even the German Nazis were appalled.”

Friction between Poles and Western Ukrainians goes back to the days when both nations were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867 – 1918). World War I destroyed the Empire, whereon Poland and western Ukraine made war on each other for eight months. Relations since then have been complex.

Regarding Jews, beginning in 1791, Russia banished many of its Jews to the Pale of Settlement, which included western Ukraine. For 130 years there was constant friction between these Russian Jews and local Ukrainians. Later, many (perhaps most) Soviet commissars in western Ukraine were Jews, and the local people felt mistreated by them. The commissars were mini-governors for the Soviet Empire. Because of the commissars, plus the history of friction with Jews, western Ukrainians welcomed the German arrival during World War II.

Since the end of WW II, western Ukrainians have been continually accused of murdering millions and millions and millions and millions of Jews. Ukrainian neo-Nazis are tired of this, and they use it as an excuse to vent their economic anguish. Also, their historic hatred of Russia has transmogrified into hatred of Jews. (“Lenin was a Jew! Putin is a Jew!”) Western Ukrainians view eastern Ukrainians as pro-Russian (and “pro-Jewish”) traitors.

Western neo-Nazis do not understand that the neoliberal West wants to enslave them, and that the EU regards nationalism as evil.

Stephan Bandera was a Ukrainian nationalist who opposed the USSR. On 15 Oct 1959 the KGB used cyanide to assassinate him in Munich. (Bandera also opposed the Nazis when they would not make Ukraine fully independent. The Germans sent him to a detention camp.)

No group is completely innocent.

Not even Jews.