Thursday, January 3, 2019

Israeli News Live - Is Trump Growing Weary With Israel's Leaders

Some interesting stuff here, which is worth watching just to see the clip of Trump refusing to shake hands with Benjamin Netanyahu.

But there is also an article about the hackers who are blackmailing the U.S. government by saying they will release damming information about 9\11. 

Then there is an article about the Neo-Nazis in the Ukraine, which Israeli News Live say Israel are arming. and this is followed by an article about Gary Webb.

I don't know much about Israeli News Live, except they want Syria to win the war, plus they don't like Benjamin Netanyahu all that much. Also, they don't like Israel arming the Neo-Nazis in the Ukraine. 

Trump seems to not worry with Iran and their presence in Syria, but the President has not weighed in on his comment that went wild in Israeli News Reports. But as we look across the board seems the President has grown weary with some in Israeli Power.
All the while there is a huge war brewing in Ukraine, what will be the straw that breaks the Camel?

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