Monday, January 7, 2019

Jimmy Dore - Biden: “I Have No Empathy” For Millennials

The Corporate Democrats are so out of touch with the general public that they don't even realise that young people vote, thinking that they are 14 years old, or something.

Joe Biden says, 'the young generation tell me how tough things are ', then he adds, 'give me a break!'.

In a democracy, if you don't listen to the concerns of electorate you could end up not getting voted in, but that isn't a problem for politicians in the West anymore.

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Noah Way said...

Things aren't tough for Biden and the psychophants managing government on behalf of the masters of the universe. Showered with bribes, sucked up to by inferiors, treated like celebrities, living in the exclusive bubble of the 0.01%.

Go fuck yourself Joe. When the revolution comes you'll be near the front of the line for retirement.