Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Robert Vankrieken - Globalization and Neoliberalism

This tries to be fair and balanced, but really it shows you how horrible Neoliberalism is, which is based on libertarianism.


Bob Roddis said...

Oh my gawd. Neoliberalism IS NOT BASED UPON LIBERTARIANISM. Pitiful. Shameful.

Because a worldwide regime of modern fiat money which funds the banksters, the deep state, the empire and the military industrial complex, all of which have been relentlessly eviscerated and condemned by Austrians and libertarians for half a century, must be libertarian, right?

You guys are pathetic.

Bob Roddis said...

Rothbard on the "libertarianism" of Reagan:

After eight years of Ronnie, the mood of the American masses is to expand the goodies of the welfare-warfare state (though not to increase taxes to pay for these goodies), to swagger abroad and be very tough with nations that can’t fight back, and to crack down on the liberties of groups they don’t like or whose values or culture they disagree with.

It is a decidedly unlovely and unlibertarian wasteland, this picture of America 1989, and who do we have to thank for it? Several groups: the neocons who organized it; the vested interests and the Power Elite who run it; the libertarians and free marketeers who sold out for it; and above all, the universally beloved Ronald Wilson Reagan, Who Made It Possible.

Kaivey said...

Embedded within Neoliberalism is libertarian philosophy, but they do fiscal and monetary policy differently, I agree.

Bob Roddis said...

Embedded within Neoliberalism is libertarian philosophy, but they do fiscal and monetary policy differently, I agree.

That's like saying that a society that allows a libertarian lifestyle for white people and slavery and mass murder for black people is "libertarian" while blaming the anti-libertarian aspects of slavery and mass murder upon libertarianism. It's simply lying. It's dishonest. It shows that YOU KNOW you are lying. Otherwise, you'd attempt a fair and honest refutation of libertarianism. You won't because you cannot and you know it.

The most salient event of the 70s was cutting the final link to gold. That was libertarian? Can you blame the results of that on libertarianism?

Further, there is and has been no actual "free trade" in the past decades. All of this trade is managed pursuant to tens of thousands of pages of regulations. If there had been "free trade" and "libertarianism" since Reagan, heroin, cocaine, meth and weed would have been legal to import, sell and use. Instead, millions of mostly poor and minorities are locked up in the largest prison population in history.

If we have libertarianism, why are poor black guys choked to death by the cops for selling individual cigarettes?

Lies lies lies.

Konrad said...

The video starts by calling neoliberalism “a more radical form of classical liberalism.” This is a common error which shows the depth to which neoliberal lies have commandeered the public narrative.

Classical liberalism sought “free markets” that were publicly regulated, but which were not owned and controlled by rich oligarchs or by the nobility. Neoliberals flip this into its opposite. Neoliberals define a “free market” as one that is owned and controlled by rich oligarchs, with no public regulation. For neoliberals, 1800s slave plantations were free markets. Slaves on the plantation were free to trade between themselves, but they remained slaves. They remained the property of their owners.

The video says that neoliberalism is global. This is correct, since the desire to own everything and everyone is a product of loyalty to oneself alone, not to any nation or society. Globalists despise being regulated by public laws and regulations. Hence they seek to abolish national sovereignty via things like “free trade” agreements, in which laws are made by rich oligarchs, not by their slaves.

The video then says, “There are a number of ideological tenets that underpin neoliberalism.” These include…

An emphasis on individualism and self-interest meaning an emphasis on unbridled greed and selfishness by oligarchs.

Liberty and freedom of choice meaning freedom from public laws, regulations, and morality. The liberty to steal and enslave, and to destroy the planet in the quest for power and profit for oneself alone.

The entrepreneurial spirit, and economic growth, meaning growth in oligarchs’ profits at the expense of society. This also means the commodification of everything and everyone under the oligarchs.

Technical progress, meaning the continual development of new tricks to steal, indebt, and enslave.

Freedom for corporations to pursue economic advantage without state impediment, meaning freedom from public laws, regulations, and morality.

Then the video says that, “Proponents of neoliberalism are deeply committed to the idea of a self-regulating market.”

For neoliberals, a “self-regulating market” is one that is regulated by the private oligarch himself. For example, if I have an absolute monopoly, then the market for my goods is “self-regulating,” meaning it is regulated by mySELF.

“The practical implementation of neoliberal policies leads to a relocation of power from political to economic processes.”

Translation: Neoliberalism takes political power from governments and societies, and gives it to rich oligarchs, whose tyranny is called “economic processes.”

The video then discusses globalization, which is essentially the privatization of the planet -- i.e. the elimination of national sovereignty so that oligarchs can own and enslave all.

Incidentally, neoliberals and their right-wing toadies whine about the “redistribution of wealth.” Actually they love redistribution, as long as it is from the poor to the rich.

When we are accustomed to privilege, we regard equality and fairness as “oppression.”

Konrad said...


I never read Roddis' gibberish, but I used the computer to do a word search, and I noticed that Roddis made three comments without using the meaningless phrase "fiat funny money."

That's a new record.

Noah Way said...

Neoliberals define a “free market” as one that is owned and controlled by rich oligarchs, with no public regulation.

Libertarians oppose all interference by government in the areas of voluntary and contractual relations among individuals.

Translation: libertarians are neocons.

Kaivey said...

What brought libertarianism to mind is where the video says that neoliberalism is based on the meritocracy, free markets, minimum government intervention, and individualism. These are very much libertarian ideals. In other ways they differ, but they do overlap as well.

Noah Way said...

Libertarians claim to be anti-war, but they just don't want to pay for other people's wars. They are perfectly happy to pay for their own, because hey, it's just business without regulation.