Saturday, January 12, 2019

TRNN - MOVIE REVIEW: VICE Underplays the “Evil” of Dick Cheney - Wilkerson and Jay Review the Movie (1/3)

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson says Dick Cheney was was a bureaucratic entrepreneur.who was very evil. The military-industrial-complex make billions out of war and use mercenaries so the American public wouldn't know, or care.

Col.Lawrence Wilkerson says that it is said that Dick Cheney's wealth went from 4 to 5 million to $70 million while he was in office,.

Mass murder makes some people very rich, says, Col.Lawrence Wilkerson. Well, surely they will go to hell? And to think that some news outlet, like the Guardian, promotes even more war.

Col.Lawrence Wilkerson says that the system only wants people in office who very rich and make a lot of money out of war so they will protect the system.

Cheney was the coming to power of the far right of the American elite; the Neo-cons wanted to "cash in" as they asserted US military dominance over the world - Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, who was Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff and is depicted in the film joins TRNN’s Paul Jay to discuss the movie, “VICE”

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