Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Caitlin Johnstone — Why The Entire Political-Media Class Just Tried To End Ilhan Omar’s Career

This is indicative of a much larger problem than AIPAC. It's the basis of attacks grounded in sophistry that uses invalid logic.

The aim is to attack an opposing party or cohort "X." The logic used runs thus.

X is against Y. Y has a property. Therefore X is against everyone/everything having that property.

This is clearly wrong if Y is not identical to everyone/everything having that property, e.g, being Jewish, which in this instance is not the case. Y is represents only some of those having that property, not all, since the relevant property is holding a policy and acting on it. In fact, those having this characteristic may not all be Jewish. Some are not.

Here the political leadership of a country, Israel, and its supporters within and outside of the country, must be distinguished from the dominant group in the country, that is, people identifying a Jews or having Jewish heritage, especially when this group is not characterized entirely by being associated with the country's political leadership and policy.

It is simply invalid logically to charge that someone that criticizes a particular political faction of Israel under the rubric, "Israel" is biased against Jewishness, i.e., is antisemitic. In logic, this is called "nonsense."

While some people that criticize "Israel" and its supporters may be antisemitic, all are clearly are not, since many Jews also criticize and oppose "Israel" in the sense of Israeli leadership and policy. This would include those outside Israel that support regardless of whether they are Jewish. Some are and some are not.

Moreover, there is no connection with having the property of being Jewish and supporting the Israeli leadership and its policy. Many Jews in Israel and also outside of Israel also don't.

This is false argument mounted by those either ignorant of basic logic, or used intentionally to smear the opposition. In other words, morons or complicit.

Intentional or not, it is an effort to silence opposition based on false cause. It is to be condemned.

The situation of a boycott is somewhat different, but related. It is also similar to imposing sanctions. Both boycotts and sanctions may be imposed on an entire country, affecting all in the country and those connected with it, regardless of whether they support the country's leadership or policy that is being targeted. This penalizes all for the actions of a few. Is that just?

This is a larger issue, too, and affects all areas in which is there is bias and discrimination. These kinds of tactics are in wide use to smear opponents in an attempt to destroy them.
Whitney Webb

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Blaming the Venezuelan leadership and "socialism" for a crisis exacerbated by economic sanctions. Adding insult to injury, those that imposed the sanction then disingenuously offer "aid" without revoking the sanctions unless the government capitulates. And the media amplifies the subterfuge rather than exposing it.

Again the "logic" here is nonsense.

U.S. media ignore—and applaud—economic war on Venezuela
Gregory Shupak

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Joe Emersberger
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Konrad said...

I knew that Caitlin Johnstone wouldn’t disappoint me. In her blog she frequently attacks “anti-Semitism,” and I knew that no matter how promising Ms. Johnstone’s article started out, it would end with Johnstone's usual trash.

And sure enough…

Ms. Johnstone starts by correctly saying that AIPAC money controls U.S politicians in Washington. Every American knows this, but no one dares acknowledge it. Rep. Ilhan Omar acknowledged it, and was instantly forced to apologize to the Jews who own the U.S. Congress.

So far, so good.

But then, after Ms. Johnstone admits that the US congress is bought and controlled by AIPAC and by Israel, Ms. Johnstone pretends that Israel is subservient to the USA, and is a tool in U.S. hands.

“Israel is a western imperialist military operation that was dropped in the heart of the most strategically crucial location on earth a few decades ago.”

See? Israel was not created via the Jewish eradication of Palestinians, nor by Jewish terrorist bombing of British interests (e.g. the false flag “Lavon Affair”). No, Israel was “dropped” into Palestine by western imperialists.

AIPAC bribes and threats do not control Washington. No, Washington “drops” AIPAC into various situations to do Washington’s bidding.

Jews did not scream because Rep. Ilhan Omar spoke the truth about Jewish supremacy. No, Jews and their toadies screamed because Omar “disrupted a crucial imperial narrative” (Johnstone’s words).

All of this is garbage. Would Jews and their toadies have screamed if Rep. Omar had spoken the truth about Venezuela? No.

Ms. Johnstone remains philo-Semitic. Perhaps her husband is Jewish. She pulls the same crap as Noan Chomsky, who excuses Israeli atrocities by portraying them as ordered from Washington.


I agree with Ms. Johnstone about many subjects, but I click her closed whenever she starts attacking “anti-Semitism,” or she starts whining about our “rape culture” (i.e. about straight white males).

Konrad said...

Today Trump (following Jewish orders) called on Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) to resign for calling the AIPAC lobby a lobby.

Trump said Omar’s comments are “deep seated in her heart,” and that her apology was “lame.”

As a result of Ms. Omar’s Tweet, Jews and their toadies (including right-wing racists) are falsely claiming that Ms. Omar’s husband is her biological brother.