Thursday, February 7, 2019

Chunky Mark - ‪Who needs HELL when we’ve got the Conservative Party‬

I had an engineer around today and we got talking about politics, but it turned he was on the right. He told new we tried socialism and it didn't work, but is the Conservative Party style of capitalism working?

Two thirds of the British people are now the poorest in Western, Northern Europe. And the NHS is terribly underfunded and waiting lists have become extremely long. The rich avoid their taxes while their monopoly capitalism has brought wages down, so the taxes the government collects are much lower than they used to be. This is how civilizations crumble.

How long ago was the last financial crisis, yet we still haven't come out of the mess yet, and austerity is still in place? And what about the multibillion welfare subsidy to the rich which hasn't been cut. More on that tomorrow.


Andrew Anderson said...

Speaking of HELL, the defense of the current money system, especially the banking system, is so unjustified that one might easily think it has demonic support.

Konrad said...

Members of the Tories and the Labor Party are equally to blame. The Tories for reasons noted in the video, and Labor Party members for focusing too much on “toxic masculinity,” the “rape culture,” “LGBTQ rights,” and other politically correct hostility.

Long ago the Labor Party represented labor. Today they represent everyone who hates straight white middle and lower class males.

If, on very rare occasions, a Labor Party member grows a brain or a moral conscience, the money powers destroy him by calling him an “anti-Semite.”

Kaivey said...

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